IPC10: Pioneering Solutions in Pipe Laying, Consultancy, and Community-Driven Impact.

Public Consultation

IPC’s Public Consultation services are instrumental in optimizing infrastructure projects. Through effective techniques, we prioritize early and consistent stakeholder engagement, minimizing objections, lowering costs, and increasing project success rates. Our approach mitigates discontent, promotes positive project environments, and facilitates negotiations and communications between applicants, local planning authorities, and potential appellants, preventing unnecessary delays and budget overruns.

Public Consultation

Community Liaison, Stakeholder Identification & Engagement

IPC excels in comprehensive Community Liaison, Stakeholder Identification & Engagement Services throughout Infrastructure Design, Planning, Construction, and Operations. We engage diverse stakeholders, including local communities, businesses, opposition groups, elected representatives, and state officials. Our expertise includes reviewing and enhancing existing consultation programs, conducting social assessments, and resolving disputes, ensuring a harmonious project lifecycle.

Community Liaison

Project Communications

IPC collaborates with asset and capital investment teams, guiding project communication strategies. We advise project management, including legal, PR, and property departments, ensuring comprehensive strategy development, implementation, and review. With a successful track record, IPC seamlessly integrates, ensuring stakeholders are consistently informed and supportive for project success.

Project Communications

Community Gain

In Community Gain, IPC navigates diverse contexts, from single-site to multi-site projects, with expertise in designing, administering, and managing Community Benefit Schemes. We conduct thorough Community Need Audits, prioritize Flagship Projects, and build relationships through Concentric Hierarchy Prioritization. Our commitment includes defining Contribution Timelines for impactful community development.

Community Gain

Tailor Made For Project Team

At IPC, our ‘Training – Tailor Made for Project Team’ service is dedicated to enhancing project teams’ skills and knowledge. Our customized training programs address specific project requirements, ensuring teams have the precise tools and insights needed for success. Whether it’s project management, communication, or staying updated on industry trends, our tailored training empowers teams for excellence in their dynamic projects.


Environmental Mediation

IPC’s Environmental Mediation provides an efficient and flexible dispute resolution process, offering advantages over adversarial routes like litigation that may lead to negative media coverage and strained relationships. Our approach facilitates infrastructure project progress while respecting third-party concerns, using a fast and confidential mediation process where an impartial third party assists in reaching mutually acceptable solutions through communication and negotiation.

Environmental Mediation

Concerns We Deal With Regularly

IPC: Turning challenges into opportunities, we expertly navigate concerns in infrastructure and urban development, transforming them into innovative solutions for vibrant communities.


Construction Impact

i.e. Noise, Dust & Structural Concerns, Safety, Environmental Concerns


Community Relations

i.e. Utility Diversions, Property Valuations, Protest Resolution, Condition Surveys


Infrastructure Projects

i.e. Bridge and Station Designs, Project Funding Inquires, Parking Impacts

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